A sample of images currently being exhibited at Hash Specialty Coffee, 113 Hardware Street, Melbourne CBD. Hash Specialty Coffee generously share their space with Australian Artists. Why not drop by for good coffee, food and interesting ART.

This series of works (featured on my Gallery Homepage) has stemmed from research into the family history of my father. As a Ukrainian migrant born in Turka, a small village in the Carpathian Mountains, his unforeseen journey to Western Australia post WW2 came with mixed blessings. All that represented family, home and familiarity were sadly traded for a new beginning in an unknown land. 

The silence surrounding his history and family left many unanswered questions throughout my life. Research filled a number of gaps however, more importantly left me with an understanding of why he remained silent. 

A body of work consolidating findings, emotions and understanding culminated in a solo exhibition titled "Silence Speaks". The power of his silence somehow was deafening and, justified!